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Welcome to Catherine Law.

Convenient. Comfortable. Personal. Straightforward. These are not words that are usually associated with lawyers and legal services. I aim to change that.

I work with busy professionals, entrepreneurs, educators, and parents who want the protection and peace of mind that a lawyer can offer without all of the hassle and discomfort that traditionally goes along with hiring a lawyer. 

I leverage the convenience of technology to make the process easier, more comfortable, and less time-consuming, without sacrificing quality.

Hiring a lawyer doesn’t have to be intimidating or outrageously expensive, and it doesn’t have to involve trips to an outdated, stuffy office full of dusty law books and antique furniture. Open communication between you and your lawyer is essential, both so that your lawyer can do a good job and you can feel comfortable working with your lawyer. But for many individuals and businesses the traditional model of the lawyer-client relationship unnecessarily limits that communication and comfort.

I bring the law office into the 21st century to work with individuals and businesses who appreciate the convenience of a modern lawyer.